2022 ILEETA Conference & Expo

St. Louis Union Station Hotel 1820 Market St, St. Louis

ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association) is a fraternal association of professional trainers and educators dedicated to the continuing improvement of the effectiveness of criminal justice practitioners as […]


International Summit on Counter Sex Trafficking

The ISCST is a fully-online training event that has been created through the collaboration of hundreds of world-leading experts in Human Sex Trafficking. Consisting of 3 separate tracks of instruction, […]

3rd Annual International Law Enforcement Training Summit

The ILET Summit is a completely ONLINE training event created through the collaboration of hundreds of world-leading experts in Law Enforcement Operations & Training. Consisting of multiple tracks of instruction, […]


Why Go Virtual?



While we know in-person training events are extremely popular and sometimes required, the current climate due to COVID-19 means increased concern over safety.

There are many restrictions placed on travel and gatherings that also make in-person events impossible.

By taking your event virtual, you put the health and wellbeing of your attendees first.



Virtual events offer something that traditional conferences cannot...


Give your attendees the ability to log in and access your event from anywhere in the world.

For organizations with an international membership, you can greatly increase member activity and buy-in, for the organization, as a whole.



Cost is usually the #1 prohibitive factor for both HOSTING and ATTENDING conferences and events.

By taking your event virtual, you will not incur regular event costs which can lead to increased profit despite the potential for reduced overall revenue.

These savings are also passed along to your attendees, allowing for a much higher attendance than at a traditional in-person event.



You have complete control over the structure and design of your event.

You can also allow your attendee's multiple avenues to consume your created content by producing live, recorded, or hybrid session types that are accessible at any-time.

Depending on the event, you can also offer segmented access for 1, 2, or multi-day participation.

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