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ILET Platform Features

Community Platform

The ILET Network Training Community is a platform specifically built for the Law Enforcement and Public Safety community. 

ILET is a place for Instructors, Experts, Officers, and other professionals to share thier knowledge and experience while being able to ask questions and dive deep into thoughtful conversation about best practices.

Profile Types

There are multiple individuals, groups, and agencies joining the platform. You will be identified on the platform by your profession and areas of interest or study. 

Profile Information

Members have complete care and control over what personal information is shared with fellow members on the platform. 

Global, Personal, and Group Feeds

Set your own preferences for which feeds you would like to receive on your personal wall. You will also be able to post and communicate on your individual group pages and on the ILET global feed.


Multimedia Posting

Members are able to upload photos and organize them into albums, from their phones, tablets, or laptops.

Depending on your groups, you will also be able to upload resources, videos, and more. 


Members can @mention other registered users on the site. The mentioned user will receive a notification of the post.


Email Notifications

All members will be notified of important events and updates to the platform via our secure emails. 


Training Groups

The ILET Community hosts individual groups specific to your areas of interest and/or study. There are dozens of open groups for all ILET members. You can also find exclusive and/or restricted groups created by agencies or instructors that allow access to secure training content and information. 

Group Type

With over 15 initial groups available to join, there is specialist training for anyone joining the platform. Some examples include Firearms, Use of Force, Investigations, Leadership, Wellness, Instructor Development, FTO, Security Operations, Jail/Corrections, and many more.

Group Invites

Members and Group Admins have the ability to invite new members into their select groups and/or the ILET Community as a whole. Members can also join the Affiliate Program to receive discounts on membership, training opportunities, and more. 

Group Organizers, Moderators

We will selectively choose Group Admins to oversee individual groups to ensure that the platform’s standards are being upheld and that training remains the core focus of the platform.

Group Activity

Within your groups, you will have exclusive access to photos, videos, training materials, resources, and Live Q&A sessions with Subject Matter Experts. Each group also has its own chat board and forum.


Training Materials

Get access to hundreds of hours of video training materials, professionally designed courses, and up-to-date industry best practices.

Created by internationally recognized experts, the ILET Network training community gives you unmatched access to world-leading minds in almost every area of public safety and law enforcement training. 

Enhance Students’ Learning Experience

Learner attention and buy-in is a core component to the training available on the ILET platform. 

We recognize that time is valuable so students receive real-time site notifications of upcoming classes and meetings and allow them to view details with just one click.

Learn a New Skill

While members can hyper-focus on their own areas of interest, the platform allows you to seamlessly transition into new groups, courses, and discussions in topics outside of your usual “bubble”.

Explore new training opportunities or specialties to prepare for career advancement or future opportunities. 

Accredited Training

ILET is committed to working with federal, state, and municipal agencies to offer accredited and certified training courses for their members to meet annual licensing requirements.

Please contact us for more information.

News Feeds

Stay up-to-date with industry news and articles with our automatically populated news feed from multiple world-leading publications including Calibre Press, Police 1, BlueLine, and more.

Event Access

The ILET Network is host to multiple events each year and collaborates with dozens of organizations and agencies to facilitate training conferences around the world. 

Depending on your membership level you will receive discounted rates to ILET partner events and direct access to all ILET Network events.

Custom Training

Working with ILET instructors is at the core of ILET’s success and growth. Once a member completes the Instructor Development Program (IDP) they will have the opportunity to submit training content to the platform.

Internationally Recognized Experts

The #1 stand-out feature of the ILET Training Community is giving our members direct and unfettered access to the TOP Instructors, Trainers, and Experts in the world. 

With over 500 Nationally and Internationally recognized Subject Matter Experts, members are encouraged to ask questions in groups and forums to spur discussions that will change the direction of training.

Strategic Partners

The ILET Network gives you access to many organizations and companies all in one place. Members can utilize our network to research training options for themselves or their agencies. We are always adding and updating our Strategic Partners list to identify the best of the best.

Articles and Research

Continuous learning is a lifelong process for all professionals. As new and updated research papers, articles, and studies are produced, we will endeavor to give you up-to-date access to all information from our network of experts. This information forms the groundwork for the training and programs we create for our members.

Instructor Development Program

Instructors and trainers have the opportunity to make the most immediate impact on the quality of officer we send out to protect our communities. By increasing our own abililty [as instructors] to create and deliver relevant and actionable training, we have the power to change the standard of policing around the world.

Adam Kinakin - Director, ILET Network

The standard of training currently offered by a majority of institutions around the world needs to change. The quality of instructors, trainers, coaches, and mentors needs to improve as a whole to affect that change. 

Through a very arduous process, sound academic and practical practice, and effort from our Instructor Development team, ILET offers the most comprehensive Instructor Development Program available.

The initial commitment to the program is one (1) year and includes Unlimited Access to the ILET platform.

The ILET Instructor Development Program (IDP) is broken down into three (3) phases:

Distance Learning (DL) Modules

Phase 1 of the ILET IDP focussed on core concepts of instructional methodology and practice. This program has been specifically created as a foundation for continuous learning and will serve as the basis for the following phases of the Instructor Development Program.

Broken down into shorter, digestible modules, this phase of the program is delivered 100% online through the ILET Network LMS Portal. 

This program also allows for specialized training components based on the instructors’ current or desired position. Some of these focus areas include defensive tactics, firearms, academy, in-service, FTO, and out-of-scope.

Students who complete IDP Phase 1 will receive an ILET Level 1 Instructor Certificate and will be recognized as such by ILET and our training partners. *POST Accredited hours may be available depending on your location. 

Course Length: Approx. 10 hrs 


Foundations of Psychomotor Skill Development & Methods of Instruction

Phase 2 is a stand-alone training course filling a critical vacuum that has existed in Law Enforcement training for decades. During this intensive course, students will be deeply challenged by the exploration of paradigm-breaking, scientific principles which they will be able to apply immediately and directly to their setting in the Academy or Agency’s training programs.

At the end of this course, the successful student will have a fulsome understanding of how to identify critical training needs, and build and instruct a defendable, scientific-based training program to address the critical skills required. In addition, the course of instruction will include the development of realistic, verifiable, and defendable course training standards (CTS) which will guide future instruction, protect the agency and the trainer.

This course was designed and is instructed by Chris Butler (Raptor Protection Services). 

Students who complete IDP Phase 2 will receive an ILET Level 2 Instructor Certificate and will be recognized as such by ILET and our training partners. *POST Accredited hours may be available depending on your location. 

Course Length: 20 hrs Pre-course | 40 hrs In-class


Advanced Instructional Methods (AIM)

Phase 3 is the most in-depth and rigorous instructional design program available to public safety and law enforcement professionals.

The goal of a portion of this training is to present the research evidence that exposes these myths, and to provide evidence of alternative methods that could improve training and optimize the learner’s ability to retain, recall and utilize (transfer) the trained skill in real world activities. 

The main goal of this course is You.  Your ability to learn and grow as an instructor as well as develop more effective training programs and more effective trainers.  We believe the way forward is not only to expose you to the empirically supported research and strategies of Advanced Instructional Methods but to focus on immediate application of those methods into your area of expertise. 

This course is fundamentally based on a “workshop” concept.  The reasoning behind this follows many of the principles that you, the learner and builder, will be engaging in during this course.  It is heavily application based and this is accomplished through the exposure of the material and the group work conducted by you and your learning team. 

This course was designed and is instructed by Michael Musengo (Train the Brain Consulting).

Students who complete IDP Phase 3 will receive an ILET Master Instructor Certificate and will be recognized as such by ILET and our training partners. *POST Accredited hours may be available depending on your location. 

Course Length: 300 hrs

Agency Pages

The ILET Training Community hosts federal, state, and municipal agencies through restricted (or hidden) Agency Pages.

Agency access is pro-rated based off of the size of the agency and allows for agency admins to select specific training courses, track member completion, engage with members individually or as a group, and will have open access to the ILET Network instructor list. 

Learn more about Agency Rates & Access here.


Get notified of upcoming training and seminars, including:

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  • New Course Releases
  • Upcoming Events & Conferences
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  • Member Selected Training Content (including Groups and/or Individuals you choose to follow)

Mobile App

The ILET Training Community is available on any smartphone or tablet via Google Play or the App Store.

Access to world-leading training, instructors, and resources on the custom ILET Network App.