What is the International Law Enforcement Training Network?

Stepping Off.

In Spring 2019, Adam Kinakin started a new podcast called The Tactical Breakdown Podcast. The core premise was to give members of the public safety, emergency response, and military a “behind-the-scenes” look at how we create training.

The podcast got immediate traction within Law Enforcement circles, quickly reaching 50,000 downloads in over 82 countries.

In December 2019, a conversation started around delivering unmatched access to training to officers around the world. This initial concept became what is now the ILET Summit.

Fast forward to March 2020, Covid-19 restrictions have effectively shut down all training around the world and the inaugural International Law Enforcement Training (ILET) Summit is hosted 100% online to approx 10,000 law enforcement professionals from 76 countries.



Following the success of the initial summit, ILET was approached to create and produce events for partner organizations and companies.

To date, ILET has hosted multiple virtual and hybrid events in Counter Sex Trafficking, Tactical Operations, Mental Health & Resiliency, Firearms Training, and more.

By the fall of 2021, following the 2nd Annual ILET Summit, the ILET Network had grown to be one of the most-trusted names in law enforcement training due to our commitment to putting training first.



2022 will bring the most expansive growth of the ILET Network yet…

Not only will ILET be hosting 4 independent summits and collaborating on 2 others, but we will also be launching the ILET Training Community.

Along with our strategic partners, ILET will be collaborating with the top instructors and trainers in the world to effectively #CHANGETHESTANDARD of training for Law Enforcement, Corrections, Public Safety, and Security personnel around the world.

Our Mission

Our goal is to create a collaborative network of instructors, trainers, organizations, businesses, and agencies around the world.

Everything we do is to benefit our Men and Women of the Law Enforcement, Emergency Response, and Military Community.

It’s time to change the narrative about training. It’s time to cut out the red tape and get the most practical, actionable training and knowledge out to the people who need it.


The ILET Network brings international knowledge and experience, delivering only the very best experts, systems, and organizations in our industry. 
For us, transparency, collaboration, and competency are paramount to the advancement of the Law Enforcement profession.

Adam Kinakin

Managing Director - ILET Network

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